Merzouga Desert Camps

Four Most Popular Desert Camp Service Providers In Morocco

Have you ever enjoyed desert camp? If no, Morocco is the right place to come! You have a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your partner at the lap of Sahara Desert. People those are living in high altitude, they can’t even imagine a place on the earth is so heat like Sahara Desert. In day time, temperature often touches sixty degree Celsius and in night it drops near zero.

This differences show, how it is hard to survive in this abandoned land. However, this is not so scary that we think. Here in Morocco, you can have a plenty of desert tents those are properly equipped with modern accessories to provide you a luxury staying in this extreme land. Desert camp in Morocco is something to cater a unique staying experience in desert. You can get a number of desert camp service providers in Morocco and here is a list some of the top service providers.

Merzouga Desert Camps

This is the top desert camp in Morocco. Most of the foreign tourists wish to stay here. All these tents are known for their beauty and service. According to many, these are the ultimate home in Morocco. All these tents are placed in the calm and restful sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Having years of experience in this desert hospitality sector, this service provider will make your time enjoyable. Don’t think that, these are mere places with lack of modern amenities. One thing is to be clear that, these tents are tiny homes with all the advanced amenities what you are using for your daily lives. This is the reason for which honeymooners, couples and small groups book their tents eagerly to spend quality time in Sahara Desert.

Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp

Erg Chigaga has mainly two camps, the main camp can properly accommodate twenty to twenty five tourists at a time where as the private camps have only four tents and they are able to provide you exclusive staying with bunch of luxury treatments. Though, both camps are quite same from outside but they are quite different in terms of service and maintaining privacy. Well crafted screens, handcrafted furniture, solar-powered lighting systems are something those will make your time enjoyable without any hassle. Most important thing is that, the silence and the tranquility you’ll grab in these staying days is unparallel.

Have you ever excited to hear about Arabian Royal Lifestyle? If yes, this is the right time to experience it! Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco will cater this most anticipated moment in your life to live like a Arab Royal. Though, you have to pay some extra bucks for it but the experience will be memorable for lifetime.

Apart from it, you can also choose different tents those are able to accommodate small groups, couples and honeymooners. All these tents are fully equipped with latest daily used accessories and they won’t let you complain about the extreme weather of Sahara desert. Apart from camel riding, you will enjoy the finest hospitality of Moroccan people.

Wild Morocco

Sleeping under tents and chatting with your partner under the start studded night at Sahara Desert is full with excitement. Such experience will refresh you throughout your life. Wild Morocco is one of the top desert camp service provider which will fulfill your dream to spend quality time at desert with your family or friends. Far away from hassle city life, Sahara Desert is ready to cater you silence and tranquility. Spending time under sky studded night while chatting with your partner is truly memorable.


You may have visited several places in the world. Different places have dissimilar features but the experience you’ll gain from camp in desert Morocco is truly unmatchable. It is hard to grab such experience from other tourist places in the world.

Merzouga Desert Camps is the Best Way to Reconnect with the Nature

Desert is a perfect getaway to have a soul soothing and peaceful experience and Merzouga is no different. Disconnecting yourself from the hustle-bustle of life and reconnecting to the nature is what deserts make possible. Hence, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity one should never miss! Apart from that you can also get along with a completely different way of life, enjoy adventures and attain the ultimate peace of mind that you desire.

Merzouga Desert Camps

Where is Merzouga and what it is known for?

Merzouga, a village in the Moroccan Sahara on the edge of the Erg Chebbi is popular for camel safaris, Merzouga luxury desert camps and exploring the remote Berber life. The vast Erg Chebbi sand dunes have to power to make you dance into their tunes and the soaring sand peaks change color with the shifting light of dusk and dawn.

Luxury Camping Morocco

Activities to do in Merzouga

Camel Safari is the most authentic way to explore the life in Merzouga that revolves around the nearby deserts on the camelback.

Desert Camping offers an unparalleled romance of a night under canvas underneath the blistering stars in the desert sky.

Stay in a Traditional Berber village lets you to relish the Berber music, culture and a taste of the unique Berber food.

Adventure activities like quad bike tours, sand boarding and sand skiing also offer a thrilling experience in the desert.

The best time to travel Merzouga is from October to February when the temperatures at daytime are pleasant and sandstorm chances are minimal.


If you want to visit Merzouga and experience the starry night sky of the desert then Merzouga desert camps are the best bet for you.

The Ultimate Pleasure of Exploring Morocco

Travelers to Morocco are certain to have a once in a lifetime experience as they head off in Morocco’s Desert Dunes. Morocco’s Merzouga’s Erg Chebbi Dunes has a variety of unique flora and fauna to explore along with its Desert villages which can be explored by camel or 4×4 wheel drive. Morocco offers a wide range of desert camps however there are only a handful of Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps  to be found.

We are making available best of Merzouga Desert Camp and those can be experienced on a one night or two-night basis. If you wish to stay at such a camp you can experience a camel trek in the Erg Chebbi Dunes that lasts for thirty minutes to an hour, have a sumptuous dinner under the stars and then overnight in luxury bivouac tent reminiscent of colonial times.

Merzouga Desert Camp

We offer Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps that are your ultimate home in Morocco, It demands nothing from you, but to loosen up & look at the ever-changing shades of the barren land. Placed in the calm & restful sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, our desert camps in Morocco cater your desert vacation in a wholly unique way. In fact, these camps are the ideal escape for individuals, honeymooners and also small groups looking for unwavering privacy & solitude. The camps are specially designed for the people who relish the harmony that only absolute silence can afford.

As far as accommodation is concerned, we provide a touch of luxury to our clients through our private camps in Desert Morocco that are designed to offer great comfort and ambiance. Each tent is spacious and equipped with full-size carpeting, double or full single beds, mirrors crafted by Moroccan artists, bed-side tables and plain seating area with coffee table.

Moreover, each tent features its own private bathroom alongside flush toilet, sink and showers running hot & cold water. Each tent is designed distinctively to depict the culture of Morocco & its genuine handpicked furniture tells a story. Outside of each tent, there are large seating areas where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes to their fullest.

Merzouga Desert Camp

Your stay at such a Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps is only a phone call away. You can easily book such a tent by calling Merzouga Desert Camps at +212 662-344816 / +212 666-367122. Being at our website you can know more about our affordable and innovative services.

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Come To Morocco and Enjoy A Perfect Time in Desert!

Are you rigid with your packing life? Are you an adventurer? Have you ever spent any time in desert? If all these answers will NO, then come to Morocco. This is the place where you’ll get all these advantages without much hassle. Morocco is known as the North African country that enjoys both Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea waters. Having numerous blessing from nature, it is full with amazing coastline and large desert. This is the reason, people from different parts of the world flock into Morocco in order to enjoy exotic desert.

Desert Camp Morocco

Why to choose desert camp?

While, you have targeted to enjoy your vacation in desert to feel the thrill of nature, you have to spend some days in the desert and spending time at various desert camps in Morocco will fill your time with excitement, which you haven’t experienced before. It will be a fantastic experience while you are spending a whole night at uniquely designed desert camp in Erg Chebbi. All most all camp service providers serve with fresh prepared Moroccan dishes along with desert drums. While you are beneath the star studded night, you can’t restrict yourself to wave sweet dreams for your future.

Most of the desert camps won’t let you complain regarding their service and they are well equipped with luxurious daily used amenities. While you are in these camps, you’ll be melted with astonishment by seeing the changing shades of barren land. It is really bliss while watching such unique act of nature. No matter, whether you are single or seeking right place for honeymoon, all these camps are right to choose to have the highest degree of hospitality along with perfect privacy.  People those love silence, they shouldn’t drop any offer to spend time in these supremely designed camps.

Mainly, people those are living in high altitude areas, they love to enjoy the blissful desert life which is a perfect blend of high and low temperature. In the desert, someone can easily feel the temperature difference between day and night. While you are spending your time in these special equipped tents, there will be a greater degree of satisfaction.

Additionally, each tent is perfectly equipped with proper carpet and perfect beds. While you are with your partner, there will be no way to complain regarding your coziness. In order to maintain right privacy, all these tents are perfectly attached with bathroom along with flush toilet. Accumulating all these things, your time at these camps in desert Morocco, will be really amazing and memorable which will excite you for the entire life.

Why Use a Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi?

The desert of Morocco offers tourists fascinating landscapes, historic Islamic culture, medieval souks & medinas, towering sand dunes, hidden kasbahs, Berber villages and more. It has plenty of avenues to get explored on a leisure vacation or an adventurous holiday. A luxury camp in desert Morocco is an important place that tourists should think of staying in  during their desert tour. It has colourful design and wonderful exterior decoration to provide pleasant and comfortable accommodation to tourists. From exclusive carpet on floor and spacious beds to artistic furniture (local styled mirrors, coffee tables, bedside tables), everything is available in a luxury desert camp in Erg Chebbi to create a rich ambiance in the middle of the Morocco desert. Each camp is installed with ensuite private bathroom where westerners can have sink, flush toilet and shower with cold and hot water. It also has outdoor chairs  in order to allow tourists to sit and sightsee the spectacular landscapes around.


The rare view of two of Morocco’s great dunes i.e Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga can be best experienced by tourists when they stay in any luxury camps in desert Morocco. In the comfortable setting of the camp, they can get a true feel of luxury while getting the opportunity to meet nomadic Berbers living in this hot and harsh area for centuries. There is nothing like enjoying a camel trek from Erg Chebbi dunes to Erg Zniqu dunes and spending a memorable night in desert Camp in Erg Chebbi. In addition to drinks and meals, return trek is included in the luxury desert camp tours in Morocco in order to save tourists from further expenses.


Tourists always have the option to book one day, two day or three day stay in the desert camp in Erg Chebbi for enjoying the magnificence of the golden sand dunes and the ultra clear desert skies. Be it is their decision to spend the nighttime in Erg chebbi desert camp and feel relaxed to the pace of nomadic life and music, ride a camel, sit in silence to enjoy the beauty of a dune, see the sunset or wait for the sun to rise above the beautiful desert landscape, everything can be done without losing luxury or comfort.



Desert Camp Morocco’s desert camp in Erg Chebbi is available with the best offers and at the best prices to make your tour to Moroccan Sahara  an unforgettable one. Every package is designed carefully so that tourists can relax and experience the best nomadic luxury in a desert camp in Morocco.

For a luxury experience of Morocco desert camping, check out the desert camp in Erg Chebbi of Desert Camp Morocco online.

Luxurious Desert Camping Experience in Erg Chebbi

Morocco’s desert dunes attract travelers from all around the world to enjoy a lifetime experience. Erg Chebbi dunes boasts of a wide variety of unique flora and fauna as well as considered to be the most photographed place and destination for desert hikers or visitors. In Morocco, you will find wide range of desert camps, from which some are located in impressive location and offers a great stay with stunning views of a serene and beautiful desert.

What type of ambience and comfort does a desert camp in Erg Chebbi Merzouga offers?


Surrounded by magnificent sand dunes, the desert camps in Erg Chebbi have a mix of traditional Berber design that is coupled with modern comfort. You will find a desert camping tent is decorated with luxury furnishings that offer a great ambiance and comfort. With rich carpeting on the floor, double or full single beds as well as other décor elements like mirrors made by Moroccan artists, bed side tables and simple sitting area with coffee table, you will experience a luxurious and relaxing stay. To offer tourists and desert camp accommodation seeker more comfort, most of the desert camps have en-suite private bathroom with flush toilet, sink and shower (hot and cold water).

Exciting Activities at a Desert Camp:

  • Camel Trekking: Most desert camps in Erg Chebbi offers guided and well planned camel trekking trip to enjoy a unique desert experience. Exploring a stunning desert on the back of a camel will prove to be a memorable and once in a lifetime adventure. Erg Chebbi Merzouga in Morocco is one of the best regions for enjoying an exhilarating camel trekking.
  • Guided walks: You can enjoy guided walk to explore not only the great desert but also will get an opportunity to visit the nomadic camps or beautiful villages. On a guided walk you will get many photographic moments as well as can be aware about the nomadic lifestyle.
  • Picnics and Sundowners on the Dunes: It will prove to be a great experience in spend some quality time on a beautiful dune in a great setting. Enjoying a lunch on the dune or witnessing stunning sunset will prove to be a memorable moment.

Merzouga Desert Camps offers luxury desert camping options in Erg Chebbi for tourist and travelers who want to experience the real luxury and comfort amidst of a beautiful and stunning desert. We have six magnificent white tents with beautiful exterior and interior that offers a great ambiance for your desert stay in Erg Chebbi Morocco. Our experience and hospitable team ensures that every travelers enjoy a great stay along with indulge in most exciting activities like camel trekking.