Merzouga Desert Camps

Four Most Popular Desert Camp Service Providers In Morocco

Have you ever enjoyed desert camp? If no, Morocco is the right place to come! You have a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your partner at the lap of Sahara Desert. People those are living in high altitude, they can’t even imagine a place on the earth is so heat like Sahara Desert. In day time, temperature often touches sixty degree Celsius and in night it drops near zero.

This differences show, how it is hard to survive in this abandoned land. However, this is not so scary that we think. Here in Morocco, you can have a plenty of desert tents those are properly equipped with modern accessories to provide you a luxury staying in this extreme land. Desert camp in Morocco is something to cater a unique staying experience in desert. You can get a number of desert camp service providers in Morocco and here is a list some of the top service providers.

Merzouga Desert Camps

This is the top desert camp in Morocco. Most of the foreign tourists wish to stay here. All these tents are known for their beauty and service. According to many, these are the ultimate home in Morocco. All these tents are placed in the calm and restful sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Having years of experience in this desert hospitality sector, this service provider will make your time enjoyable. Don’t think that, these are mere places with lack of modern amenities. One thing is to be clear that, these tents are tiny homes with all the advanced amenities what you are using for your daily lives. This is the reason for which honeymooners, couples and small groups book their tents eagerly to spend quality time in Sahara Desert.

Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp

Erg Chigaga has mainly two camps, the main camp can properly accommodate twenty to twenty five tourists at a time where as the private camps have only four tents and they are able to provide you exclusive staying with bunch of luxury treatments. Though, both camps are quite same from outside but they are quite different in terms of service and maintaining privacy. Well crafted screens, handcrafted furniture, solar-powered lighting systems are something those will make your time enjoyable without any hassle. Most important thing is that, the silence and the tranquility you’ll grab in these staying days is unparallel.

Have you ever excited to hear about Arabian Royal Lifestyle? If yes, this is the right time to experience it! Desert Luxury Camp in Morocco will cater this most anticipated moment in your life to live like a Arab Royal. Though, you have to pay some extra bucks for it but the experience will be memorable for lifetime.

Apart from it, you can also choose different tents those are able to accommodate small groups, couples and honeymooners. All these tents are fully equipped with latest daily used accessories and they won’t let you complain about the extreme weather of Sahara desert. Apart from camel riding, you will enjoy the finest hospitality of Moroccan people.

Wild Morocco

Sleeping under tents and chatting with your partner under the start studded night at Sahara Desert is full with excitement. Such experience will refresh you throughout your life. Wild Morocco is one of the top desert camp service provider which will fulfill your dream to spend quality time at desert with your family or friends. Far away from hassle city life, Sahara Desert is ready to cater you silence and tranquility. Spending time under sky studded night while chatting with your partner is truly memorable.


You may have visited several places in the world. Different places have dissimilar features but the experience you’ll gain from camp in desert Morocco is truly unmatchable. It is hard to grab such experience from other tourist places in the world.


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