Merzouga Desert Camps

Merzouga Desert Camps is the Best Way to Reconnect with the Nature

Desert is a perfect getaway to have a soul soothing and peaceful experience and Merzouga is no different. Disconnecting yourself from the hustle-bustle of life and reconnecting to the nature is what deserts make possible. Hence, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity one should never miss! Apart from that you can also get along with a completely different way of life, enjoy adventures and attain the ultimate peace of mind that you desire.

Merzouga Desert Camps

Where is Merzouga and what it is known for?

Merzouga, a village in the Moroccan Sahara on the edge of the Erg Chebbi is popular for camel safaris, Merzouga luxury desert camps and exploring the remote Berber life. The vast Erg Chebbi sand dunes have to power to make you dance into their tunes and the soaring sand peaks change color with the shifting light of dusk and dawn.

Luxury Camping Morocco

Activities to do in Merzouga

Camel Safari is the most authentic way to explore the life in Merzouga that revolves around the nearby deserts on the camelback.

Desert Camping offers an unparalleled romance of a night under canvas underneath the blistering stars in the desert sky.

Stay in a Traditional Berber village lets you to relish the Berber music, culture and a taste of the unique Berber food.

Adventure activities like quad bike tours, sand boarding and sand skiing also offer a thrilling experience in the desert.

The best time to travel Merzouga is from October to February when the temperatures at daytime are pleasant and sandstorm chances are minimal.


If you want to visit Merzouga and experience the starry night sky of the desert then Merzouga desert camps are the best bet for you.


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